Shopping — Online

Jen and I have had a recent flurry of online purchases. Bless online shopping’s soul. We bought a number of the Christmas presents we got online and continued after the holidays.

  • Laptop computer: Okay, we did this one in person at Costco, but we nearly bought it online. This purchase led to others, though. It was on sale for $550, but I had a $200 gift card to Costco from work, so it was a sweet deal.
  • HDMI cable: you can go to Best Buy and spend $80…or you can get the one we just bought for $2. Why do we need an HDMI cable, you ask? Our new laptop has an HDMI output and our year-old LCD TV has two HDMI inputs. I see a marriage happening here. Perhaps we can see our DVDs in slightly higher quality without having to upgrade to a BluRay.
  • Nintendo Wii Mario Kart: Sweet. We need to wait for Wii Fit to go on sale and buy that.
  • Nintendo Wii Mario Kart 2nd wheel: Yes, it’s pink for the girls. Now we have two wheels to play Mario Kart. Too bad I much (!) prefer using the normal controller and nunchuck. It was on sale for $5 plus free shipping when Jen bought it.
  • Printer Cartridge: We bought a HP LaserJet 1020 printer three years ago at Office Depot or Max or whatever. We used the toner that came with it for three years before it ran dry. So I went to eBay and bought a generic replacement (it works on a number of printer models) and we’re using it now with good results. I could have paid $73 at Office Max for the official HP cartridge, but we paid $30 (free shipping) on eBay.
  • Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router: With the laptop now, we needed a way to share the internet with both computers. This beauty performs that purpose. Thanks to my sweet wife for dealing with our internet provider and Linksys tech support to get it up and running while I was at work (it wasn’t exactly plug-n-play). We paid $49.99 for this fella.
  • Digital TV converter box: We have a TV with a built-in tuner, but the TV we bought when we first got married still works like a charm. We bought a converter box about 4 months ago for that TV using the gov’t coupon, but we didn’t like it. So I convinced a co-worker to apply for and give us his gov’t coupons so we could buy a different one (the coupons expire after you’ve had them a while). Jen found a new one that had good reviews from DISH network, so she bought it.

Sweet mother of shopping online.

7 thoughts on “Shopping — Online

  1. I love the internet for shopping as well! I just ordered an ac adapter for my laptop and saved $50 (with free shipping) by purchasing it online. The same adapter would have cost well over $76 if purchased in person, plus I would have had to pay taxes.-Bryan

  2. How much did the converter cost? Did you use a coupon with that one? We need to get one but don’t know anything about it. Call us.Mom

  3. It seems you get all your electronic things online for good deals. Since we don’t really have the option of going to stores so often, we buy a ton of things online, too. Like clothes and shoes and our vacuum. Only neccesities, nothing fun. (tv converters are a blast!)

  4. You should skip out on buying Mario Cart and buy Rock Band Instead. It is so so fun. Little bit more money though.

  5. We totally understand! Joe and I bought him a new cell phone (after he lost his … ) from ebay for $60 when we could have gotten it for over $200 new. You are masters at online shopping!

  6. Better call congress, they don’t need to pass any stimulus package, just give you a day off, access to the internet and the whole problem is solved.

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