"He can do it. She can help."

Perhaps you’ve seen those Home Depot commercials (“You can do it. We can help.”). This is another example that I don’t need a boy (see here for my original musings) — my girls really can do anything those boys do, but without as much urine splashing. Or so I’m told.

Our front coat closet is (well, has been) a disaster. Too many coats, inaccessible hangers for the girls, and too much junk stuffed in there. I assume this is a fairly common problem for people. Here was the setup:

  1. One rod for hangers hung about 6′ off the ground
  2. Shelf on top of the rod

Jen thought of a solution (I think she wanted me to make that point. Most the home improvements are my vision that she grasps once they get underway and complete. This was one she thought of completely). Here’s her solution:

  1. Remove the shelf — it was just a magnet for junk
  2. Move the rod up about a foot — and make it removable so we still have access to the attic
  3. Add a row of hooks about 3′ off the ground for the girls’ coats
  4. Use over-the-door hanger to hold bag of mittens, gloves, and beanies

Thanks are to Leah, our 3-year-old, for her help. She was very excited to hold the hooks in place while I drilled them in. Boys? We don’t need no stinkin’ boys…


8 thoughts on “"He can do it. She can help."

  1. Can you bring those tools to NH, I’ve got some projects that need your attention? Bring the girls too, cause Bryce isn’t much for holding stuff in the right place for too long. He does like to see what’s going on though.

  2. Oh yeah, sorry about the Colts. That was a tough loss last night. They just couldn’t get it done on defense or offense. The Colts need to hire the Bolts punter in the off-season.

  3. Yeah for the girls! Great idea, Jen! Closets are a pain in the neck most of the time – you’ve got to make them work for you and it looks like you got the job done.Mom

  4. I’m just kidding about the no comment thing….I need stinking boys! Great idea Jen. We always have too many coats and just today I was thinking how nice it would be to have some low hooks that the boys could reach to hang up their own coats so I didn’t have to walk around the house picking up all the coats they threw on the floor.

  5. Great project! Ummm, but you forget you have to have smarts for things like that. Uh, Gary and I are dumb and dumber when it comes to things like that. You’ve got the smarts.

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