My Family

My brother Dave recently got married. It was fun because nearly all my family was there (I have a sister in Germany whose husband was in Iraq at the time and they didn’t come). Having as many as we did in the same place at the same time is no small feat simply because there are 11 kids in our family and 4 of them live out of state. Here are a few pictures of some of my family.

Five of the six boys. From L to R: Lance (24), Adam (34), Dave — The Groom (22), me (30), and Jason (38). Ammon is the youngest kid / brother and he’s 13 but wasn’t there due to physical limitations (in fact, he had a tracheotomy today at Primary Children’s Medical Center — success — pictures on his blog).

All but Lindsey and Ammon. Back Row L to R: Adrianne (28), Gillian (20), Mom and Dad (ages unknown…carbon dating is unproven that far back…), Kaitlin (17), Chelsey (32). Front row just contains the boys.

All the kids but Lindsey (the 26 year old sister that lives in Germany). I know…what a handsome family! Dave was the 8th kid married and all of us have been married in LDS temples.

3 thoughts on “My Family

  1. That is so great to get (almost) all of your family together. I agree, what a bunch of lookers! It must come from the Teichert side:)

  2. I remember Jason! I wonder if he would remember me or my family or my brother John who is closest to his age? It’s been soooo long since I’ve seen your family. What a great success story with your siblings marrying in the temple and remaining strong and active! You have awesome parents. I loved them dearly when they were in our ward growing up and going out to their farm. They are amazing!

  3. I actually have that bottom picture as my desktop background. It is fun to watch people walk past my computer and do a double take.

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