Movies, as promised

Maybe you’re like me…I’m sitting on the couch, watching TV, and I see a movie trailer. Hmm…looks like a good movie. I should see that one. Two months later, I think, “What was that movie again?”

Jen and I visit the movie theaters about once a year and rent movies about 4 times a year. We like movies, but the it’s been hard to sacrifice the time to do the movie scene much. I guess kids, church, work, and school have kinda taken precedence. Weird, huh?

So this week I sat down on Wikipedia and searched for 2006 movies, 2007 movies, and 2008 movies and wrote a list of movies I’d heard of but not seen and wanted to see. They’re all pretty clean (we’re a no R-rated movie family here) and here they are:

The Dark Knight (Batman)
The Prestige
Spider Man 3
National Treasure 2
Ocean’s 13
I am Legend
Casino Royale (James Bond)
RV (only if someone owns it and I can watch it for free)
A Prairie Home Companion
The Lake House (that’s the chick flick to keep Jen interested)
The Devil Wears Prada
The Queen
Stranger Than Fiction
Happy Feet
Wa Are Marshall
Vantage Point
College Road Trip (again, if I can borrow it)
Iron Man
Indiana Jones
Kung Fu Panda
Incredible Hulk (with Edward Norton)
Get Smart

I’ve already rented two this week from Redbox (Get Smart and Vantage Point). Two down, 24 more to go! I will say movies on a 42″ LCD flat screen make things a little more fun. Heck, just about anything on a 42″ LCD is more fun.

Any others I’m missing that you’d recommend?

16 thoughts on “Movies, as promised

  1. I didn’t really like Premonition or the Lake House. They were both fine but nothing really great in my opinion. I also didn’t like Prairie home companion. Was that the one with Lindsay Lohan? If it is, I don’t think it is worth watching. I couldn’t figure out what the story line was by the end of the movie. You should add Lars and the real girl to your list. It is very weird but I really enjoyed it. I’ve seen about half of those on the list.

  2. I’ve got a list just like that. I cross ’em out when I see ’em. And also add a note to buy the DVD if it is really good. Here are my “really good’s” from your list.Dark KnightThe PrestigeCasino Royal (even better than the new one)Iron ManYou’re missing…-21 (I read the book so I had to see it, pretty good)-The Bucket List-All the Bourne movies (must sees)Another suggestion – To populate my list I’ll go to Apple’s Movie Trailers web site every once in a while, watch some trailers and then add the ones that look good to the list. That way I keep myself up to date.

  3. So Adrianne, what you’re saying is Sandra Bullock doesn’t cut it for you?I have the Apple trailer page bookmarked, but forget to frequent that site.I was debating about 21 and thought it probably looked pretty good. We’ve seen The Bucket List and I own all the Bourne movies. Sweet mother.

  4. We have three you can borrow: National Treasure 2, Ratatouille and Wall-E (just got that one this week).Loved Ratatouille! It is very clever. Wall-E is interesting – makes a case for global warming, landfills, etc. and it, too is the usual Pixar clever. I still have not seen National Treasure 2 due to time issues but the kids say it is good.Borrow them any time you are down to our place.Mom

  5. I didn’t like National Treasure 2, Mike didn’t mind it. We have watched I am Legend and the old version of it called Omega Man. They are both kind of creepy but good. I thought Hitch was a fun movie but the “A” word is said in it a lot. So, hmmm, I guess Sandra Bullock is out for me and Will Smith is in. We also like the Pursuit of Happiness. We get Netflix and we like it.

  6. We even get netflix out here. It’s great. I for one thought Ratatouille was discusting. The whole concept of a rat in the kitchen just creaps me out. I really liked Lake House, so don’t take it off your list. I don’t know why Adrianne didn’t like it. I thought it was pretty good. Not the best chick flix, but really good. I own RV. Why would you only want to borrow it from someone? That was a VERY funny movie and it was refreshing to see a good family movie that was totally clean. Robin Williams wasn’t the only one with a funny part either. I thought all the main characters had funny roles. The Devil Wears Prada was stupid. I wouldn’t waste your time with that one. Stranger Than Fiction was definately strange. Not what you would expect from a Will Ferril movie. Well, that’s my take on a few. Good luck.Lindsey

  7. Dude, you gotta watch The Prestige. That movie is the bomb. Also Dark Night. Both of those are kind of “dark” as everyone seems to put it. Both are awesome. I own Casio Royale. AWESOME bond movie. The best yet. Indiana Jones kinda sucked in my opinion. I second the dis on Devil Wears Prada. That movie is incredibly stupid. Even for a girl. Nancy didn’t like it either. Wall-E is really “cute”. Liked it. Stranger Than Fiction was weird as Lindsey said, but I actually really enjoyed it. Anyway, long comment. Enjoy.

  8. So…we haven’t seen any of those movies either. I think it having small kids that we don’t go see any movies. Any time you want to go to the movies, let us know…the girls can come play.

  9. Here’s one that’s excellent, in the Redox, but not on your list: Bella. Best movie we have seen in 6 months. Clean, artistic, inspiring. If you want reviews of the others, thumbs up: Batman, The Prestige, Casino Royale, Stranger than Fiction, RatatouilleThumbs down: National Treasure (both), Premonition, Ocean’s 13 (12 was much better), I am Legend (had potential but wrapped up stupidly and was excessively violent)The Lake House – Polly and I liked it; Santino and Cris didn’t.Hairspray – interesting.The Illustionist was better than The Prestige, though people got them mixed up.In Pursuit of Happiness and August Rush were also nice movies.

  10. Wow, I have seen 4 of those movies. Seth’s just not big on going to the movies, and our rental place is 30 minutes away with a one-night check out. I do looove Hairspray, and so does Rylee. She’ll sing the songs, and luckily the “risky” humor isn’t gettable by a 3 year old. That’s all I can recommend. Except don’t rent Ariel’s Beginning, (not on your list, but probably on your girl’s)it’s lame.

  11. Bryan and I are James Bond fans, but I would not recommend Casino Royale. Bryan and I have not actually seen this movie, but we have heard a lot about it, and unfortunately, James Bond movies have ended for us. We will continue to enjoy the James Bond movies made previous to Casino Royale.

  12. I loved Lake House. It is kind of a chick flick, but it was really good. Also loved Hulk, IronMan, and Ocean’s 13 wasn’t bad for being a number 3 movie. I didn’t see The Illusionist on your list. We liked that one better than The Prestige. Kung Fu Panda also rocks. I hated the Dark Knight–too dark–and I hated Indiana Jones—too stupid. I read I Am Legend and hated the book. Didn’t even bother with the movie even though Stephen’s brother worked on it. . . .I have never heard of Redbox…we just use Netflix….

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