Fun in the sun

We spent nearly all day at the beach yesterday. We started at Wailea and snorkeled for an hour or so. This is a great place to snorkel, but the sea was pretty rough and the visibility wasn’t great. After lunch and shave ice in Kihei, we went down to Big Beach (Makena). The waves here were large, but breaking right on the beach, so they weren’t ideal for body surfing (our objective). We spent a long time just floating over the large waves anyway. We enjoyed the sunset on the beach there and then went back to Lahaina for shopping and dinner.

We went to church in Lahaina today and then went on a hike to the blow hole. Last time we came here, we just went to the overlook (Jen was pregnant and in flip flops). This time, no baby in the oven and tennis shoe-clad feet. So we made the hike down. It was pretty cool. There’s a large lava flow you hike over and around to get to the coast. The water is so blue and pretty and the waves are enormous. Great hike!


7 thoughts on “Fun in the sun

  1. Looks like a very fun vacation and warm. I miss the warm weather here already and it’s only been a few days of cold.Hawaii is one of best places to visit in my opinion. Have a great time, and Happy Birthday Jen!

  2. I’m so glad you made it down to Big Beach and the blowhole again! We LOVED big beach! I got clobbered there. I think I ate some sand…The blowhole is always cool to watch. It’s quite the drive if you continue around the island toward Kahalui. Rather scary actually. I thought we’d end up off the cliff and drowning in the ocean. There’s not much room for 2cars to pass — but totally worth the ride just for the unsurpassed scenery.

  3. Big Beach has quite a few waves breaking right on the beach. It didn’t make for good body surfing, but we sure had fun wading out just beyond the breaks and floating the 15 feet up every time a wave would pass. I only rode one wave and Jen and Liza got clobbered a few times. We had a lot fun with the waves.

  4. Hope you guys are having a blast and you are enjoying your Birthday in Hawaii…wish I could be there! We are coming home for almost 2 weeks so we will have to get together 🙂

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