I’m attempting to write a novel. My first one ever. This is it. Beware.

It all started with a faulty garage door opener. The existing one decided it was tired and only worked about a quarter of the time. We’d press the button and the motor would hum for a few seconds and then just go quiet. So we went to Lowes during the end of September and bought a belt drive door opener. I didn’t have time to install it until Conference Weekend, and boy, what an improvement! This opener is a gem and is super quiet, which is important given the location (directly below the girls’ rooms). The best part of this story is that we bought it for $208 at Lowes. About a week later, we got the Lowes ad in the mail and it was on sale for $177, so I went in to the returns desk and got $30 back. By the way, that price is about $100 less than the manufacturer offers on their website. Oh how nerdy, yet how happy I am to be giddy over a new garage door opener.

The story continues with our attending the BYU – New Mexico game on Oct. 11. At the beginning of the football season, Jen chose the Oct. 11 game because she figured, “The Sept. games have a tendency to be sunny and hot, and the November games have a tendency to be frigid. How about Oct. 11?” So she bought 4 tickets for me, her, and Jen’s brother and wife. Oops. It was our first brush with winter this season and we had to bundle up for the game. We woke up to snow on the ground Sunday morning. The outcome of the game was good, but the Cougs weren’t exactly impressive. That was three games and a loss ago, and Jen has since worn her sackcloth and ashes due to the outcome of the TCU game.

The next chapter included our trip to “The Ranch” (partially chronicled below). We had a great trip and really enjoyed our time in and around Capitol Reef National Park. The weather was perfect and the trip provided a good mixture of hiking, 4-wheeling, bouldering, and even a bit of work. I got to do some road repair (they have a dirt 1/4-mi. driveway that is prone to erosion), garden tilling, wood splitting, and some chimney/flue work. It was great!

Once we returned from The Ranch, we had one night at home before heading back to the Payson – Elk Ridge area to hang out with my family. My brother Dave got married in the Manti Temple on Friday (Oct. 24) and we spent Wed. – Saturday hanging out with my family. We golfed, hiked in Payson Canyon, ate a lot of good food, drove many miles for temple endowments, wedding, and reception, and then came home and crashed. The occasion was great, though, because all but one of my 10 siblings was present for the festivities. I have one sister in Germany while her husband is serving in Iraq and she couldn’t make it. But my siblings from Iowa, Oklahoma, and Ohio all came. As they say in small-town newspapers: “Fun was had by all.”

Now we’re home. And I’m leaving for two days on business tomorrow. On Thursday, Jen and I head back down to Provo to meet the BYU football team with my brother Ammon. He was selected as one of their “Thursday’s Heroes” (scroll down to the bottom to read about a previous one) and he gets to meet the team after one of their practices. Family is invited, so we’re making the trip down.

Then we go to Hawaii (sans the kids) on election day. When the time comes for me to actually return to the office and work there for 5 days straight, I just don’t know how I’m going to handle it. Oh, and the day after we get back, we’ve got a wedding in Logan to attend.

Life is good, although very busy right now. Now, if only the Utes would lose…


4 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Wow! Amazed at how busy you’ve been and are continuing to be. But what GREAT things you’ve been to and have done. Jess, It was fun seeing some of your siblings in the wedding photo. I believe 5 of your siblings were in Nebraska when we all lived there, so it was fun trying to see if I recognized anyone–I’ll need help tho. That’s GREAT about Ammon. High-five the footballs players for us and rub some good karma on them, kay? They are squeeking by these days. BTW Jen, I meant to tell you you looked really pretty Sunday! Loved the color of dress on you!! Being in Primary these days, I don’t see much of anyone, so it was nice to be in R.S. for once. Take care.

  2. First…I was looking at the pic from the wedding, and it’s crazy how much you and your siblings look alike! Have fun going with your brother to BYU, that’s so cool for him. Have fun on your vacation and I hope you will be able to stand a real work week sometime soon. 🙂

  3. haha, Utes Lose, haha!!! We just planned out trip to Nauvoo for Thanksgiving, but you can bet that we will be wearing Ute Red at the game against BYU on the very day we leave for Nauvoo!! (we are leaving straight from the game 🙂 Anyway…… We miss you guys, my girls are having Leah and Abby withdrawls 🙂 It sounds like you are making the very most of off track time though, much much more exciting than us 🙂 Sounds like there is more fun to come, Hawaii sounds perfect right now!!

  4. well how exciting for you! Sometimes it’s so nice to have tons of stuff to do and not have to do real work but just hang out and do fun things.(that’s my awesome run-on sentence:) The picture of your whole family is a good one, you look like your are the most funnest family ever! Good luck with all the upcoming events, too!

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