Red Dirt

We’re spending a few days away from home and are visiting Jen’s grandpa down in Central Utah. He’s got a “ranch” just outside the town of Bicknell, UT, which is about 15 miles west of Capital Reef National Park.

This place is a wonderland of outdoor adventure. It’s definitely in red rock country, but is very close to some 10,000+ mountains (like Boulder Mountain). The ranch is backed by thousands of acres of BLM land filled with bouldering opportunities, so there’s never a lack of outdoor activities here.

We drove down yesterday night after work. It’s about a three and a half hour drive from SLC. Between Salina and Loa, we probably saw 30 deer either in or right along the road. In fact, we came across a deer that was sitting down on the yellow lane markers. I assumed it was dead, but as we passed it, I noticed its head was up and looking around. Yikes. About half an hour later, we came across a deer in the middle of the road again and this time, it was up and mobile. I naturally drifted to the left and the deer was facing away from us. As we got closer, it looked at us and then bolted — directly toward us. I braked pretty hard and luckily the front of the van was just ahead of this fella. Just as he got to our van, he started to turn around, but not until he rammed the passenger side door. We pulled over and tried to examine the damage but we couldn’t see much. When we got to Jen’s grandpa’s house, we noticed it wasn’t too bad. It’s something we’ll have to take in to get fixed because the dent is good enough that we’ll get some cracking and rusting. We’re lucky that’s as bad as it was. It was a nice diversion from the crappy performance BYU put on vs. TCU.

Anyway, the weather down here in PERFECT this weekend. We spent lots of time outside today, went on 4-wheeler rides, hiked on the red rock, and toured the Navajo Trails Ranch across the highway. It’s a place Jen’s grandpa used to run but has since sold. Jen spent many summers down here and it’s a walk down memory lane for her.


4 thoughts on “Red Dirt

  1. How fun – looks like you guys have a great little get-a-way place. Enjoy your weekend! (Too bad about your car, though…)

  2. Sounds like such a fun vacation. Sorry to hear that a dear hit you, you’d think they’d run away instead they run towards you and that can be so scary. I’ve had some close calls, did it scare the girls?

  3. Wow! That deer incident is SCARY! I’m glad you guys are safe. The pictures you posted are beautiful and as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve never been–you just may have talked me into a great next vacation for a quick getaway! Beautiful!

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