Halloween is coming…

We are having fun getting ready for Halloween at our house. We put all of our Halloween decorations up on September 30th. Abby has been doing lots of spooky art projects in school and they are fun to decorate our house with too! The girls had lots of fun figuring out what costumes they wanted this year. Leah decided about a month ago that she wanted to be a butterfly, but Abby had a really hard time deciding and finally decided last week to be a pink pirate. Her school is year-round and she goes off track tomorrow, so today is her school party. I took a picture of her today before we left for school. Isn’t she the cutest pirate ever?

I’m not much of a cook…I don’t like to eat a lot of kinds of food and I don’t like to cook them either. I should be better, but lucky for me, Jess loves me anyway! I do like baking yummy treats though. Last January I found a blog that I LOVE. Bakerella has so many fun treats on her blog, but her most popular items are cupcake pops. You make a cake, put it in a food processor so you have really fine crumbs, mix it with a can of frosting, roll it into balls, then stick it on a lollipop stick and dip it in chocolate. They are SO cute. I’ve made them a few different times and decided last week to make a variation of them…they are cupcake bites. She made some awesome Halloween ones…I’m not nearly as talented, but I still think mine are cute. They take a lot of work, but I love making them! The girls helped me by putting on the sprinkles…didn’t they do a great job?

8 thoughts on “Halloween is coming…

  1. I have never made cupcakes as cute as that, even with little hands helping! That has got to be the best pirate costume I have ever seen. The black and pink skirt is genius!

  2. I love her blog. I had her on my favorites but then we got a new computer and it got erased and I couldn’t remember the address. They are the cutest things. I am not very good at baking so they scare me though.

  3. She is the cutest pirate ever. I love that costume. Please help me, I need ideas for 3 of my boys and Alyssa this year. The two oldest don’t want to dress up. Brenden wants to be a banana, yes you read that right, a big yellow banana and I don’t have the first clue of how to make that, so any ideas are helpful and Alyssa is talking about being a really cute/ugly witch.

  4. Very cute! I made some cupcake pops for a baby shower and I’m going to make them again next week for Evening of Excellence. LOVE Bakerella!

  5. I’ve got the bakerella bug too! I like that website also. Such great and creative ideas huh!And Abby, you make one FIERCE pirate girl ;)!

  6. Ah – Abby sure looks cute! Although I can’t help but think that she is too sweet to be a pirate… 🙂 Great cupcakes! And Jen – everything I’ve ever had that you have made has tasted fantastic!

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