Podcastin’ Fool

I’ve become a podcast junkie in the last year. I used to be exclusively a music listener-to-er (what is that?) when I worked, but I’ve broadened my horizons. I use iTunes at work and subscribe to / listen to the following programs:

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (NPR): Excellent weekly current events / humor show. Smart humor.

Pardon The Interuption (PTI; ESPN): Half-hour daily sports show that’s fast, sometimes irreverent, and broad ranging.

Car Talk (NPR): I have to be in the mood for this fella because I can only take so many snorts in an hour of discussions about people’s car problems…

This American Life (NPR): Excellent program sharing stories about … Americans. It’s often fascinating. This week’s show was very good and was an hour-long discussion on the current state of the economy, what caused it, and how it affects me. A show about similar topics is NPR’s Planet Money.

Do any of you subscribe to any podcasts that you listen to frequently?

2 thoughts on “Podcastin’ Fool

  1. I like National Geographic’s video podcast. I also like “The Herd”, ESPN radio’s Colin Cowherd. For the record, PTI is probably the best sport talk TV show ever. I’ve also been listening lately to “Learn Korean”, trying to keep up on the mission language. I don’t get much practice here in the deep south.

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