Back from Jackson

We had a great trip to Jackson Hole, WY this week. This was the first business trip I’ve been on where I took my entire family. Since I was going up for a conference, the hotel, rental car, and daily food allowance were provided. We stayed at a non-descript Days Inn on the west side of town and based all our operations out fo there. I spent Tuesday-Thursday at the Snow King Resort for my conference but we had plenty of time and sunlight to see the surrounding area, including Grand Teton National Park. A few pictures are included here, but more are on our web album. Check it out!

Jen at the park entrance

The trees were all changing colors and we loved seeing the contrast.

I’m sure I’ve driven on roads this steep (like the road from Payson Canyon to Maple Lake), but I’ve never seen it advertised.
The Tetons were magnificent.

5 thoughts on “Back from Jackson

  1. I love that last picture. I’ve flown into Jackson airport many times and it’s right at the base of those amazing mountains it seems like. However, almost every time I’ve been there, the tops of the mountains have been covered by clouds. That’s a great, clear shot.Lindsey

  2. The drive home was exponentially better than the drive to Jackson. The kids had a great time (perhaps because we had cable in the hotel and they got to watch the Disney Channel and we don’t have cable at home) and really enjoy hiking. Fun trip.

  3. I’m glad you had a GREAT time. We went there several years ago and spent time in Jackson Hole and Star Valley and we fell in love with it! Hiking is the best this time of year. Nothing like nature’s wonders!

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