I’m a borderline felon…

I’ve chronicled my installation of a rain water harvesting system. It’s mostly for fun and not to save any money (seriously, how much $$ will capturing 55 gallons at a time save?). On the local news last night, they had this story:

What a joke. I can kind of (oh, so slightly) understand why they don’t want large businesses to capture rain water and use it, but not for the reason they give on the video (“If you capture it upstream, we can’t use it downstream.”). However, that can’t really be the reason they discourage this. Think about it. Whether I capture the water from my roof and use it on my plants, or whether I use the water from my spigot to water my plants, what’s the difference? The water still ends up on the ground. I’m not interrupting the hydrologic cycle. I’m simply “pausing” the cycle.

The difference is this: MONEY. If I capture rainwater, I’m not paying my water company for its services. MONEY MONEY MONEY.

This is all really silly anyway since they’re not going to enforce this law on average homeowners like myself. Just because I heard this news report, I think I’m going to hook up another barrel!


10 thoughts on “I’m a borderline felon…

  1. I heard about this while watching the olympics last night and thought of you guys. I agree … it is a bit ridiculous. I tried to stay up and watch the news report, but the olympics stayed on so late that I fell asleep. I am glad you posted it here. Good luck on your new barrel!

  2. You go Jess-n-Jen! I’m all for capturing the water and using it (but I DO have a rebellious spirit–if you read my latest blog entry, you’ll see why :0) I won’t turn you in…hee hee

  3. What a silly thing for the city to worry about! Capturing your water and reusing it is ingenious if you ask me! Especially in SL with the dry hot summers! I say go for it!

  4. I think it’s the dumbest law Utah has ever come up with – is it just a Utah law? They encourage us to be careful with our water useage and then run this stupid, stupid report. Buy 10 of them. I’ll pay your bail if they lock you up!!Mom

  5. You are a notorious scofflaw and all-around miscreant. But, you could be worse. It has been so dry in Escalante this summer that Valerie and I have been harvesting our gray water to use in the garden. (Don’t tell Jared, the town cop, he has enough to do with all the loose dogs.) Next time you give the girls a bath, add the water to your row of 55 gallon drums and use it on your garden. Then you can really rejoice at sticking it to The Man.

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