Abby on the Piano

Jen’s dad’s birthday was last week, so Abby decided to learn a song on the piano for him. I showed her how to play “Happy Birthday” and she performed it for him at his house last Sunday. Well, Abby’s birthday was today and she changed the lyrics from “Happy Birthday Grandpa” to “Happy Birthday Abby” and played it for herself.

This video is another example of her piano prowess. She’s a riot. And she’s 5 now!


4 thoughts on “Abby on the Piano

  1. Happy birthday to you, Abby! YOu are 5? Wow…school’s around the corner for you! You play the piano beautifully-no matter how you are dressed :0)

  2. What a darling video. So cute. You are a great piano player.I think Alyssa would dress this way every day if she didn’t have brothers asking her to get dressed.

  3. Thanks for sharing the video, Jess – and for you playing the piano, Abby. You show lots of potential – maybe you can be the great pianist in the family. I didn’t make it as great but I sure do enjoy playing anyway.

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