I heard one of the funnier testimonies in church today…

There’s a guy who used to be in our bishopric and is now on our High Council (he’s about 34/35 yrs. old). He’s a great guy and he’s got four young kids. The oldest, a girl who is 9 years old, went up to the front and said:

“I want to bear my testimony today. Me and my dad are both fasting today so that we can get along better.”



4 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Hey, whatever works! Even public humiliation! Maybe that’s what I should be doing with Sarah! She’s about as dramatic as a girl can get these days — I know, wait until she’s a teenager… Ugh.

  2. Ya, it WAS a classic and brought a good chuckle to us. I guess I should be grateful Laura’s too shy to bear her testimony or you’d probably hear a similar one :0). Take care. BTW, I’m so glad to read Ammon is doing great.

  3. Wow — a couple of kids of mine should fast for the same thing!Funny, funny. Ya gotta love kids and their honesty.Mom

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