Worth every penny!

Okay, so here’s my report of the 4th Annual BYU Women’s Football Clinic. It was SO MUCH FUN! I love Cougar football…seriously, love it. So, last night was just about as good as it gets.

I went with my mom, my mother-in-law, Chris, and my sister-in-law, Liza. Chris got there early and saved some great seats up in the front for us. We had about an hour when we first got there to eat, take a tour of the locker room and press room, and to take pictures and get autographs with the players and coaches.

In the locker room – Coach Mendenhall’s office and Brandon Doman’s (former) locker

In the press box – I couldn’t believe the view…if anyone wants to give me seats in a box, I’ll totally take them!

Bronco started the night by talking about what else, but Tradition, Spirit, Honor. He also explained his “Quest for Perfection” and said he hoped that since this was the 8th or 9th time he’d explained it that some of the media might get it right… (a quest for each players personal best, which is as perfect as you can get and not a quest for an undefeated “perfect” season…although that would be great too!) I think Bronco has done great things for the program and I hope he is around for MANY years! The highlight of my night was getting my picture taken with Bronco Mendenhall…doesn’t he look happy to be in the picture with me…if only he understood that I REALLY am one of his biggest fans!

Oh yeah, mom and Liza got their picture with Bronco, too (and hundreds of other women).

Next was a question and answer session with the players. There were 12 players there and they were all great. Wayne Latu (running back) is hilarious and seems to enjoy the spotlight. Harvey Unga didn’t seem to like the spotlight as much. One woman asked him to flex and he wouldn’t! Max Hall (quarterback) and Dennis Pitta (tight end) are now brother-in-laws. Max Hall is definitely the leader of the team. He takes charge and they all let him. They were great sports with all of the questions and provided us women with lots of laughs.

Pictures with Max Hall, David Nixon, Brandon Doman, and Harvey Unga

Next we went out on the field and got to run drills with the players and coaches. Personally, I liked the quarterback/receiver drill the best (dodging Brandon Doman after catching the ball), but they were all fun. They kept telling us to stop smiling and look mean, but it was too much fun not to so smile!

Chris works for BYU and is a big fan too. We’ve both been very excited about going to this. My mom and Liza were much more passive about it…just along for the ride. They would both say they liked BYU football, but now they are BIG fans and are totally converted…I feel like I did them a great service. We all want to go back next year. Anyone else?


7 thoughts on “Worth every penny!

  1. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! Great pictures! Count me in next year. I will hitch-hike my way to Lavell Edwards Stadium if I have to! Who knew you women were such great football players! I love the picture of my mom taking the handoff. That should be printed and hung in her office! Way to go on the recent converts of Liza and your mom! Now they can enjoy the games as much as you do!

  2. How fun!!! Looks like a great time for all. I bet you had a permanent smile on your face. I bet those pictures make Jess jealous to see those big football players with their arms around you. Fun to see Marci too. You women look fab! Way to represent.

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! That is so cool!!! I would love to do it but I doubt that I will be old enough. You have to be 18 don’t you? If so DANG!!! I so want to do it! Not to toot my own horn or anything but I throw a mean football for a girl and I am a good catch!

  4. How cool! We are all BYU football fans (of course, it helped to have a dad who coached BYU basketball in the 70’s). I would DEFINITELY go next year with y’all! Sounds like great fun and a chance to be hugged by a LOT of cute men in tight pants :0) (I know, I know, I’m married, but I can have my fantasies can’t I :0)

  5. I am so happy that you got the girls involved in this. Chris was so happy when she got home. I love it when she is happy.Jen, you are a wonderful girl. Most men are jealous of your interest in football and sports. Jess has so much fun with you. Thank you for being who you are.Just think, you are passing on that football heritage to three young ladies, too. They will be great fans. I am their fan!Dad Clark

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