Peas? Or Carrots?

Many many years ago, when I was but a wee lad in rural Nebraska, my folks were trying to get me to eat some peas. Not garden-fresh peas, but the cooked shriveled peas that I can’t imagine anyone in the world enjoys. I fought with them over these peas. I didn’t like them and had no intention of eating them.

At some point, everyone else was done with their dinners but I couldn’t leave the table. I finally gave in and ate the peas. Well, I didn’t really eat them. They went into my mouth. I chewed. But the repulsiveness of it all caused me to barf. As soon as my parents saw this, they decided they’d never force me to eat peas again. That deal holds true today. This is common, because my Dad randomly came across this blog with a similar struggle.

The funny thing is it’s all come full circle. We were eating dinner this week and Abby started eating baby carrots. Fresh, mind you. These weren’t those mushy cooked pieces of crap some people eat. I thought she was enjoying it. This was toward the end of dinner, so I started cleaning up the table. Abby got up, went into the front room, and suddenly Jen proclaimed “Abby just barfed.”

All over the carpet. On our chair. I guess she was storing the carrots in her mouth and didn’t in fact like them. She stored them as long as she could and then, like her daddy, decided she couldn’t take it anymore.

I get what I deserve.


6 thoughts on “Peas? Or Carrots?

  1. Too funny! The same thing happened with my brother with butter–my mom had accidentally put butter on his potato, but she told him he had to eat it anyways. He barfed AT the taable. Never again was he forced! Needless to say, we ALL got to leave the table without finishing our dinner. Barf at the table doesn’t mix well.

  2. Yes, the thing you described was a real life changing experience. Anytime anyone barfs on the table it changes things a lot.I do feel sad that my sweetheart Abby may not like carrots. I love them, especially shreded and cooked. I am not happy that she had to go through a barf. At least it was not at the table like you did, Jess. This is really funny.Like the person who previously commented, I loved your picture. How appropriate.Dad ClarkP.S. Jen, surely you knew this all before you married him. That makes you a wonderful person. Stay on board and over the years there will be other gems of history.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. I feel the same way about tomatoes. However, over the years, I try one every now and again like I did a couple of days ago. Michelle loves them and is growing a couple of plants in the back yard. With her being gone a couple of weeks ago, I had to pick the ripe ones. They actually looked kind of good – they weren’t. I nearly barfed even after spitting out that nasty red piece of yuck.

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