Male Bloggin’

A few things today:

Where are all the male bloggers? Why is it that few of the guys I know blog? Why is it that the woman always does the blogging? Does this mean that I’m really a girl deep down? Or is this just a result of living in a house with a wife and three daughters?

I do about 90% of the blogging here. Jen reads a lot of blogs and comments on a lot of blogs, but she doesn’t make too many new posts. Men, where are you?!

Secondly (and maybe this confirms the question of whether I’m a girl or not): Twilight the movie is coming out this December. No, I wasn’t looking for this. I was viewing other trailers on and stumbled upon it. I’ve never read the books, but my wife has (I’ll let her comment on her thoughts) and about every woman I’ve known. All I know is that the book (and series) is about a girl named Bella and a vampire named Edward. That’s it. So when I saw the trailer, I was a little surprised. Even though I knew little, I guess I had this idea what it was about. And the trailer didn’t match that preconceived notion.

I can’t believe the following the Twilight series has…my sisters, people in my ward (someone in our ward loves the books so much they named their daughter Bella), etc. Crazy. Guess you gotta be a girl to understand.

11 thoughts on “Male Bloggin’

  1. I am NOT crazy about these books. I only read the first one because so many people LOVED them. It was an interesting story, but I don’t really like how Stephanie Meyer writes (seriously, how many times can she describe Edward in the EXACT same way). I had to keep reading the series…I couldn’t just quit in the middle of the story. I am not a huge Edward fan. I’m definitely in the minority on the Edward side. I don’t like the casting for the movie either. I thought Edward was supposed to be hot…

  2. Joe doesn’t blog much either. I am obsessed about it — As far as twilight goes — I really enjoyed it but I read it at the same time as many of my 14 year old students — so I couldn’t help but take that point of view. Jen — I thought “The Host” was much better than the Twilight series. Maybe it will restore your faith in Stephanie Meyer

  3. I’m a female — but I hated the first book and didn’t bother to read any of the other ones. I agree with Jen — I did not like Stephanie Meyer’s writing style – in fact I thought it was quite amatureish and not world-class. I would not pay good money to see a dumb movie about vampires who’s skin glows, etc., etc., etc. Dumb, dumb, dumb.You probably weren’t expecting that, were you! Now you may get some comments on your blog blasting me out of the water – don’t really care. Mom

  4. Austin has a blog and he is all male šŸ™‚ Hey… I read all the Twilight books and I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out! And by the way, Jess I think it is awesome that you blog šŸ™‚

  5. This is Seth. Jess, I think you’re the only guy that I know that can type or knows hows to blog. I couldn’t even post a picture of a diesel pickup doing a burn out without my wifes help (she’s typing right now). I think it’s pretty cool, kind of takes the femmy out of a blog reading yours. Keep up the good work and when my Raider’s beat your colt’s in the playoff’s this year I will learn how to blog that.

  6. Seth, do you really think there will be any Raider Nation involved in the playoffs?! Comon! Let’s get real. Of the 24 blogs shown on our blog roll, 4 of ’em have a guy doing at least 50% of the blogging. There really is a disparity between the sexes. I’ve been blogging since July 2005.I guess all those years of being called Jessica is coming back to bite me. I’m turning more feminine that I’d like to be!

  7. What I typed: I guess all those years of being called Jessica is coming back to bite me. I’m turning more feminine that I’d like to be!What I meant: I guess all those years of being called Jessica are coming back to bite me. I’m turning more feminine than I’d like to be!I may be able to type, but my brain can’t keep up with the fingers.

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