First Fireworks of the Year

Sometimes I long for a lazy Saturday, but then again I can’t imagine how stir crazy I’d go with a lazy Saturday. We started off with garage saleing (new wedge golf club and a twin bed frame for Abby — wohoo, now her box spring and mattress won’t be on the floor anymore). Then yard work. Then we went to the latest Daybreak community open house. Then we raced to the airport to pick up my brother Dave and his girlfriend, Tana, who had been in Arkansas visiting her family for a week. Then we raced home to clean up a little, do more yard work, and prepare dinner. We had some friends over while we fed the Missionaries dinner. After they all left, we gave the girls baths and got them in pajamas. Then, at 9:30pm, we decided to go to a local fireworks show.

Taylorsville City hosts their annual “Taylorsville Dayzz” celebration. We’ve had a neighbor and someone in our ward independently tell us that we should go to their fireworks show. So we figured we had a bit of energy left and decided to participate. Shown here are a few of the pictures we took while there. We ended up winding our way through some neighborhood to find a parking space. Once we found one, we decided against walking to the area most people sit and just put our camp chairs up right on the sidewalk. It was a smart move — until at the end we realized we’d been sitting in a small ant farm.

Regardless, it was a good show and we enjoyed watching the fireworks. In the middle of it, Abby asked “Mom, will the sky be stained?” The colors really were that vibrant!

2 thoughts on “First Fireworks of the Year

  1. What a great question from Abby! I love it when the kids come up with things like that! Looks like a fun, relaxing day!

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