The Patio is Done

While we did most the work on our patio last weekend, we had some significant problems or things to adjust. For example, when we put our pavers down, we didn’t do a very good job bringing the pavers up to the same level as our retaining wall. Two problems there: 1) there was over an inch of lip in some cases so those walking off the patio onto the lawn could easily trip, and 2) it looked tacky!

We didn’t really have enough sand, experience, or the right tools in the first place to have done it right the first time. My solution was to re-build the retaining wall to make it level with the pavers. So I dug the wall out and re-set each stone in the wall.

We’re both very pleased with the result. The patio is great.

I also had to make some cuts in both the retaining wall and in one paver to make them fit in edges and in rounded areas. The cheapskate in me used a chisel instead of marking the blocks and having them cut with a machine.


7 thoughts on “The Patio is Done

  1. Love the patio. Sorry Mike doesn’t live by to help you with all those projects. I’d offer his services to you all the time.

  2. The only problem with that is Mike would probably find some glaring mistakes I’m making and I’d actually have to do it right! When you’re doing a project by yourself (and by “yourself” I mean Jen and I) is that we can kind of make up the rules as we go.

  3. WOW! I’m impressed as well, if I had the time and money I’d definitely be for inviting you over for some BBQ’s to work in my yard. Very nice and probably saved yourself some $$. Guess I’ll have to live with my dirt and weeds another year.

  4. it looks really nice–great work. I wish I had the skills and know-how to put something like that together myself.

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