Rain water catchment

I’ve been itching to collect some rain water from my roof ever since I saw the folks on Ask This Old House demonstrate it. It looked easy enough and I thought it would fit nicely into my “green” ideas for my side yard. My side yard is not close to any spigot and is hard to water, so the rain water collection system is ideal.

I told my dad I was interested in doing this and he’s the one who found the rain barrel. He was up at a neighbor’s house and noticed they had 6 or 7 in their backyard and then made an offer for me. I ended up buying two 55-gallon barrels for $20 total.

Even though we’ve had about an inch and a half of rain over the last two weeks and I’ve just barely set this fella up, I’m still excited to see how this works out. I posted more pictures on our PicasaWeb album.

7 thoughts on “Rain water catchment

  1. Come to OH. You’d have filled the barrels 3x over already. We need to get some of those barrels ourselves!

  2. This would have been great if you would have got them in LAST week. 🙂 Hopefully you can get a few more spring/summer rains to get the barrels filled up.

  3. Oh, I wish I’d had it set up two weeks ago. Every time it’d rain, I’d comment to Jen that I was wasting all that water, but I’ve had no time to get it done until this weekend. Hip hip hooray.

  4. I have been planning on putting a couple of rain barrels but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Was it difficult? I have a plan brewing in my head as to how I want to do it but who knows if it will work or not? How are you getting the water out of the barrels? Are you putting a spigot in the bottom? How are you preventing the barrel from becoming a mosquito breeding ground? What about overflow? Please give me some tips.

  5. Nice idea Jess – I’ve wanted to find a custom builder who will work with a plumber to take our grey water and funnel it to a storing tank to water our lawn with. In Nevada, we’d have to wait a long time for an inch of rain. hahaha.

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