Kindergarten Shots

It’s been a long couple of days. Abby knew she was getting her shots today and hasn’t been able to take her mind off of it. I never would have told her she had to get shots for kindergarten, but a boy in her preschool class got them a few months ago and she’s been dreading them ever since

I figured she’d be hesitant and maybe even cry a little when the nurse came in to give her the shots, but I was totally unprepared for the screaming. She immediately pulled her knees up and tucked her gown under her feet and would not budge. I tried calming her down, but nothing was working. To make things worse, it was the same nurse who gave Lauren shots two days ago and she remembered her and started crying. So, they are both crying and as Abby got louder, so did Lauren. When it became apparent that Abby wasn’t going to calm down I held her arms while the nurse held her legs and gave her the shots. Sheesh. She calmed down (the sucker helped!) and we walked out of the office very quickly!

Abby is relieved that it’s over. Now she can be excited about the fun things she gets to do in the next few days (my sister’s school carnival tonight and preschool graduation/party on Monday) instead of dreading shots! I’m so glad it’ll be two more years before I have to do this again!

8 thoughts on “Kindergarten Shots

  1. That’s a bummer that it was so horrible for everyone!! I hope they forget before they have to have anymore shots.

  2. Shots are so horrible. I always feel like such a meanie when I have to hold kids down for them (especially when they’re my kids). It can be a rather traumatic experience for everyone. I love the picture.

  3. I feel your pain! Geoff is TERRIFIED of getting shots. (He won’t even walk into a hospital or drs office if he can help it!) The last round of shots he had, it took 4 of us to hold him down. That’s why the dentist is also so awful for him. He can’t bear the thought of getting numbed for any work. All that screaming for a few moments of pain. I always feel so bad for Geoff he usually gets a frosty out of it. I wish I knew how to calm the fears. Good luck in the future!

  4. Sounds just like Kaitlin! She’s still this way — carries on like nobody’s business. When she was about 10 we had to draw blood and I had to pull her down on my lap and wrap my arms around her and hold her as tight as I could so the nurse could get the blood sample drawn. She is a tiger when she doesn’t like something.I’m sorry Abby had to go through it, but it’s kind of a rite of passage with age. Tell her I’m very proud of her.Grandma C.

  5. Tell her not to become a diabetic. Shots, shots, and more shots. I felt like a pin cushion before I got my pump.I loe the picture. That one will go down in history.Dad Clark

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