What a stinker!

Lauren has said Dada for several months now. We tried and tried to get her to say Mama without any luck! Last week she started saying it, but only when she was demanding something. I first noticed it when we were eating dinner one night and she wanted more food. Then the next day we were at the grocery store and she dropped something. Lauren can go up stairs, but not down them, so here is a video of her “asking” me to come get her. The video quality isn’t very good because it was dark, but you can hear her well! Look at her big smile when she gets what she wants!


3 thoughts on “What a stinker!

  1. ah, that is cute! merayla is kinda the same. when she’s having fun, it’s da, da, da, da, da. and then when she’s hungry, tired, or wants me to gave her something, it’s ma, ma, ma, ma, ma. guess moms are for food and dads are for fun.

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