Ice Cream Social

I saw a friend I haven’t seen for 10 years this weekend. I served a mission with Elder Hartvigson and he and his family now live in Utah (he’s from one of those west-coast states). We had a little get together and had a great time both re-acquainting (Matt) and acquainting (Julee and kids) ourselves with them. I look like a giant in this picture. I don’t remember being that much taller than him 10 years ago.

I still laugh when I think of how their youngest daughter reacted to feeling grass. She’d be walking around on the backyard and if she fell and any of her body touched grass, she’d freak out!
It was slightly reminiscent of Abby’s early reactions to grass. She would not let her head touch grass (despite our attempts in the picture above).


2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social

  1. We had so much fun and I am sure Macee will get use to the grass…sometime! We will have to do it again soon.

  2. That’s hilarious because just the other day Eva fell on the grass head first and she totally freaked out! She was on her belly with her legs, hands, and head up in the air screaming. She refused to touch the grass to help herself get up. She just didn’t want to touch it. I wish I had a camera at that moment.

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