Give us more!

It’s been a good spring. Our tax returns came. Our economic stimulus package came (the full amount we expected). And now Qwest, the local regulated phone company, wants to give us $1,000. Here’s why:

Qwest is finally adding DSL to our neighborhood. To add the DSL service to the neighborhood, they need to install some power boxes in a few locations around the area. We already have a phone switch box in the back corner of our property, so we were approached by a Qwest right-of-way representative asking whether they could take more of our property to add more equipment. They needed an area 6’x8′ where they could install said equipment. He initially said, “We’ll completely fence in whatever we take, replace any sprinklers or landscaping we damage or have to move, and replace any of your fencing we may have to move. We’ll also give you $500 of landscaping money.” Then he said, “Well, we could probably give you $1,000.”

I walked him back to the corner of my property where their existing equipment is and decided then what we wanted for this easement. We have an old wood shed immediately behind their equipment that we never use. It’s an eyesore and is only up because it’s low on my list of priorities of things to do. We agreed that if they’d give us everything already listed, plus remove my woodshed, we had a deal. The portion of the property they’d use and fence in is only about half the area currently covered by the shed.

This was the easiest $1,000 I’ve ever earned. And now my wood shed will be removed.

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