My achy breaky back

I killed my front lawn last summer. Well, I started killing it last summer. I think it finally died in October or so. We had some nasty bermuda grass that was taking over the world! We were going to seed it last fall, but the grass didn’t really die in time, so we waited over the winter. Luckily, we had so much stinkin’ snow this winter that we kinda forgot we had a big dirt yard in front of our house.

Well, the dirt has been exposed a lot lately and I’m itching for grass. We took measurements and realized we only had 934 square feet of grass to put in, so we’re springing for sod! Much better. But before we can put any sod down, I needed to make some adjustments to the sprinkler system. I’ve got timed sprinklers out front, but my lawn is irregularly shaped and the four rotor sprinkler heads were a little inefficient and didn’t cover all the lawn.

The solution: split my yard into two different zones and dramatically increase the number of sprinkler heads. I went from 4 to 9 heads and now have two zones up front.

A big thanks to my father-in-law for the 7 or so hours he spent as the brains of the operation (no one’s really ever accused me of being the brains…). All the heads are in and operational. Now for the sod this coming Saturday.

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