Day 2

Today wasn’t nearly as dramatic as yesterday. No worries here. The day didn’t really start off right, though. I was too short with the kids and wasn’t very patient. Jen’s much better at that.

During Lauren’s 2 hour morning nap today, the girls and I worked on the front yard. We’re getting ready for sod in a few weeks and I need to make a few sprinkler adjustments. We all helped dig around a few of the sprinkler heads in preparation for new ones.

Abby was supposed to go to preschool today for 2.5 hours. That was going to be a nice break to only have to care for two kids. Her teacher called about an hour before school and said she was sick, so no school. This is the first time all year she’s canceled class — and it’s on my watch! However, we took advantage of the extra time.

We left for Elk Ridge to visit my folks the rest of the day. I helped them around the house a bit and then we enjoyed dinner and dessert. The girls are always excited to see their grandparents, as well as their aunts and uncle who still live at home.

I had three coworkers call me today to make sure I was surviving. I was joking with them last week and told them to call me to see if everyone was still alive and intact. They took my suggestion to heart and checked up on me. It was funny.

Oh, one more thing: I did Leah’s hair in a pony tail. It was fantastic! It stayed in for over 8 hours until she took it out on the hour-long drive home tonight.

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