Day 1

Jen and her Mom are in Los Angeles. Here’s how our day went:

4:45am: Jen wakes up to shower and get ready to leave
5:45am: Leah wakes up crying…no, scratch that, screaming and was inconsolable. She was stuck in some dream and we couldn’t make her happy. Jen tried to sequester her from the other sleeping girls.
5:50am: Jen’s ride (her folks) showed up. I get Leah all to myself. Jen’s 14-yr. old sister also comes over, but stays.
5:50am: Abby wakes up from the commotion and now says she’s scared. She lays down on the floor in our room.
6:00am: I finally get Leah under control and we all climb back into bed…Abby on my floor and Leah in my bed.
6:10am: I get up and get dressed. Both girls are still awake.
6:31am: My brother Lance and his wife Nancy come over. We’re car sitting for them while they go to Germany to visit my sister for 2 weeks. I’m also their ride to the airport.
7:20am: I get home from the airport. Abby is awake watching cartoons (what a life!), Leah is sound asleep, Lauren is stirring, and Jen’s sister is getting ready for school.
7:32am: Lauren is up and ready for food.
7:55am: Jen’s sister’s ride to school shows up and she’s off.
8:30am: Leah finally wakes up ready for food. She’s much happier now.
10:44am: Lauren is ready for a nap; Abby and Leah have already watched a Dora movie, Barbie movie, and played the Wii. I put Lauren in her crib and the rest of us go in the backyard.
11:15am: I call my Dad to get some advice on fertilizer for my backyard lawn. He sounds and acts totally normal, which is interesting considering he was in the hospital 2 hours later getting a CT Scan for a suspected mini stroke (TIA). Not to worry, he’s home tonight and seems to be doing fine.
1:45pm: Lauren’s been asleep for three hours (bless her soul!), Abby and Leah have eaten lunch, and I’m ready to move on with my day. So I wake up Lauren and feed her lunch.
2:20pm: I finished Leah and Lauren’s hair (Jen did Abby’s yesterday and it still looked fine today) and we all loaded up for an afternoon on the town. We decide to go to the LDS Distribution Center and The NPS Store. At the Distribution Center, we got a paperback triple combination for both Abby and Leah. They were very excited.
4:01pm: We’re checking out at the NPS Store when Abby says “I’ve gotta go potty, Daddy.” No sweat, I think. We walk over to the bathrooms, she walks in, and the rest of us wait outside the door. Abby comes back in a minute and says “The potties flush by themselves.” That’s code for “I’m not using those things unless you come in here and block the sensor so it doesn’t suddenly flush while my white flesh is exposed over that dang toilet seat.” I can’t help. I’ve got a cart with paid-for items, Lauren in said cart, and Leah standing there. Some sweet Hispanic lady sees our plight and asks — in Spanish — if she can help Abby. I respond to whatever she said with a “Si.” Abby and lady disappear into the bathroom while the lady’s grandson (Luis) hangs out with me. Turns out he’s 2, as well. Just like Leah. I was trying to hook them up, but it was lost on the two of them. Abby returned a few minutes later with an empty bladder. I was very grateful.
4:25pm: We’re home. Now what?
5:30pm: I finish a gourmet dinner (grilled cheese sandwiches [with ham for Leah and myself] and apple slices). The girls eat about half of it.
6:00pm: We all go on a walk around the neighborhood. Abby wanted to sit in the wagon with Lauren, so Leah and I led the charge on foot.
7:00pm: Lauren is ready for bed and tired. I put her down and then held Family Home Evening. We decided to make scripture bookmarks for their new scriptures. I scrounged up some of Jen’s stationary and then we used the computer thing to print the girls’ names on the paper. After some cutting, we had new bookmarks. We then did our nightly scripture reading — the girls were very excited to not have to share scriptures with anyone.
8:30pm: All the kids are in bed! Time to finish the dishes, put the hose and sprinkler away (oh yeah, I fertilized and watered my backyard today), throw out a poopy diaper, and blog!
10:35pm: This hasn’t happened yet (at the time of writing), but I’m going to watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because Jen was there tonight. Turns out before the show she got to go on stage and meet Jay. Ask her about it sometime. After the show, she talked to and got a picture of the dudes from Rascal Flatts. Quite the day for her. I hope she still wants to come home to boring old me!

4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. you guys are so cute! besides the fact that i think you’re supposed to do their hair before 2 in the afternoon, it looks like jess did a pretty good job. jen, how was rascal flatts? it’s cool that they had someone interesting on the show. i’m now going to read the rest of the entries about your trip…

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