Last week Jess told me that the girls weren’t going to have their hair done at all for the four days I am going to be gone. I told him he had to do their hair and he said he didn’t know how.

He asked for it!

We started our Family Home Evening on Monday by talking about our bodies and what we can do to take care of them. After 10 minutes of talking about the girls’ ideas I slowly turned the conversation to how we can make ourselves look nice. Then I pulled out the dolls and we had hair lessons.

Jess did a great job putting a ponytail and barrettes in Barbie’s hair. Then he wanted to practice on Leah and she looked great (and she thought it was pretty fun to have Daddy do her hair!).

I’m sure the girls are going to look great next week while I’m gone!

Speaking of LA… We got tickets to the Dancing with the Stars results show next week. It’s their 100th episode and they’re going all out. They are having most of their dancing “stars” come back for performances and a special musical guest…Rascal Flatts. I am really excited about that. I’ve also been listening to the Wicked soundtrack nonstop and I can’t wait for that!


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  1. What a great idea for FHE! We should have done that for Jim years and years ago. I can’t believe you will be going to Dancing with the Stars! The girls here will be jealous as heck.I hope you have a GREAT time!Mom C.

  2. I’m so excited for you to have this trip! Make sure to take lots of pics!I’m sure Jess will be able to pull out that “motherly” side of him and manage the ponytails just fine ;)!Chelsey

  3. You guys make me laugh my head off. We won’t need a FHE like that for a long time, maybe never. Way to go Jess! Jen, I am so excited for to go to L.A. I’m jealous.

  4. Michelle laughed and laughed when she read this. Then she suggested that I could take some lessons from Jess. I told her that I am very capable of putting in a ponytail. I just can’t braid well.

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