We had our ward talent show last night. It was well attended (140 people) and we had a great time. Some time ago, Jen suggested to me that a bunch of BYU fans in the ward should get together and do the “Haka.”

The BYU football team has been doing the Haka before their games for a few years now. It’s really fun to watch in person. Luckily, the guy who leads it for the team, Bryce Mahuika, posted a video on YouTube showing how to do their version of the Haka — words included.

So, I started recruiting people. I originally had about 10 people willing to learn and perform this, but in the end, we only had 6. We were the last act during the talent show and had everyone laughing and clapping. The video is below (thanks Aaron).


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  1. We tried to get our bishopric (Brent included) to learn the Haka for our ward luau. Brent was the only one of the 3 willing. It would’ve been hilarious if they had!

  2. Oh, this is such a hoot!! I showed everybody here at BYU your great talent. 🙂 We were cheering for you.Mom

  3. That’s pretty funny. I watched the clip and said to Mike, “Jess looks really tall in that video.” He said, “He is.” Oh yeah. I forgot.

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