I’ll be so lonely

Dude, my wife is leaving me…

Okay, before you freak out, she’s not really leaving me. But she is going on a quick vacation without me or the kids. I’m not sure how she could possibly enjoy a vacation without my lovin’, but she’s going to give it a try.

It seems like during the last 5 years, she’s either been pregnant or breast feeding. She’s not either right now and has a sense of freedom that she’s going to take advantage of.

So, what’s she going to do? She’s going to LA with her mom to watch “Wicked” and attend the taping of some TV shows. They already have tickets to Price is Right, Craig Ferguson, the Big Bang Theory, and on stand-by for Ellen. They are going on a Monday and will return on a Thursday.

This could be bad for both me and the three kids she’s leaving me with. I envision lots of McDonalds, park visits, and Little Caesars. Wish me luck! Luckily, it’s not until May 7, so I’ve got some time to prepare.

Jen says her greatest fear is that the kids will be angels for me while she’s gone and that when she returns, I’ll say “Honey, what’s the big deal? This was easy and I was able to get so much done during the day.” Don’t think that’ll happen.

4 thoughts on “I’ll be so lonely

  1. Good for Jen! Have a great trip! I know you deserve it! Jess always does fine with the girls, so don’t worry there. Remember he still has mom and the older girls to help too. I hope you win a car on the Price is Right! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

  2. Jen I am so glad you are going on a trip like this. I dream of having that chance some day. Have fun (you too Jess). PS We are moving to Manila.

  3. Good for Jen! She’ll be so much more refreshed once she gets back. And you’re such a good sport Jess! You’ll have a blast with your girls.

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