Livin’ it up in Provo

I attended college in Provo for over 7 years (hey, I got a Master’s degree out of it…). Jen attended college there for 4 years. We each have a ton of memories, but are usually glad that we’ve moved on. However, we made a visit to Provo today with our girls purely for entertainment. Our first stop was to LaVell Edwards Stadium. Today was the annual spring Blue and White game, but we got there about half an hour after it ended. That was perfect! Our girls wouldn’t have wanted to sit through the scrimmage, but we still got to walk straight onto the field and run around. They had a lot of fun running around, but I don’t think they understand the significance!

After the stadium, we went over to the Museum of Art. My great grandma, Minerva Teichert, is being honored with a display of her work there. It’s been up since last summer, but this is the first chance we’ve had to see it. It was kind of fun to walk through with the girls and say, “All these pictures were painted by my great grandma!” Again, I’m not sure they understood the significance.

After the MOA, we went up to the Y Parking Lot. It was a beautiful (!) day and the view was great. We live on the west side of Salt Lake Valley and it’s often nice to be reminded just how accessible the mountains and canyons are to Provo. We soaked up the view but Abby and Leah were itching to hike up to the Y. We let them start their hike while we waited at the bottom to see how far they would get. It really is fun to see how much these girls like to hike and run. Oh to be young again. I once spent the night up on the Y when I was an undergrad. I was up there with my second-cousin (Jonathan Wardle) as we were “protecting” the Y during the week of the Utah-BYU rivalry. There have been occasions when vandals (aka Utah students) vandalized the Y, so through my Superfans connections, I got to spend the night up there.

After the Y, we went to the BYU Bookstore and walked through the Wilk (Jen feels this urge to walk through the Bookstore, kinda like her urge to visit EVERY ABC Store she sees in Lahaina, Maui). After the bookstore, we hit Brick Oven, but they had a 30 minute wait, which didn’t sit well with my three famished girls. We left and made it to the Pizza Factory and then finally made it home in time for bed. Fun day.

I learned two things today: It’s a lot more fun to visit BYU’s campus with kids old enough to walk and ask questions than when I was a student there, and secondly, my kids enjoy the outdoors stuff much more than the cultural stuff!

7 thoughts on “Livin’ it up in Provo

  1. How fun to do fun things with your family! Seth says “I went to Ricks for 1 semester and got five credits out of the deal. That’s pretty close to a master’s, isn’t it? It sure felt like it to me.”

  2. It’s been about 9 years since I’ve been on campus. It’s changed so much! One of these days, we’ll have to go wander around again. I also want to play on the football field like you did!!!

  3. I would love to be back in Provo hiking the Y. My boys would love that. We go for walks around the block and they come back with five sticks each and pockets full of acorns.

  4. It’s looking like we are going to stick with applying in Utah. So I think you are going to have to hang out with us for the next three least!

  5. Today I walked around the MTC from my work. I saw beautiful blue birds of some kind – not jays. I saw three quail running across the road, I heard a woodpecker but coulnd’t see it and saw some interesting looking leaves. I always try to find something different in my noon walks. One thing about BYU – it has gorgeous grounds! I think they are the best in the nation. Can’t say the same for the buildings – boring. I think IU wins in that category (at least with the campuses I’ve seen). But we have the best grounds. I, too, come back with leaves, acorns, or interesting things I pick up on the ground. They are on the top of my file so everyone can see all the neat things nature produces.I’m glad you had a great day with your girls. They will always remember those simple, fun little trips.Mom

  6. I read your post with those wonderful pictures. It is wonderful to see you all have so much fun, and enjoy life. I am glad that you seem to have learned that life is well underway, and you enjoy it from day to day. Goals are great, and we all must progress to new things. But to miss the great and good along the way is a tragedy. But not for YOU. That means Jess and Jen and three happy wonderful kids. Do you have any idea how much joy you two give your parents? I know I speak for the Elletts, too.Love you all, Dad Clark

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