Good Ol’ Johnny Boy

I saw a good friend from college today. He’s since moved away from Mormon-dom and to Anchorage, AK. He’s down in the Lower 48 on a three-week vacation and is spending some time along the Wasatch Front. I haven’t seen this kid for quite some time and it was nice to get caught up.

John wanted to get a picture in front of my minivan in my garage, but it was a little far away (I had my 4-year-old take the pictures because Jen was gone). The second photo is a tad bit closer…


4 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Johnny Boy

  1. this has nothing to do with your friend visiting (although I do love the purple bike) but Payton Manning has been married since college. Sad day.

  2. Crap, if Eli Manning is getting married, then my chances of marrying one of those super sexy Manning boys when Seth dies is over! Because they are soooo good looking. Especially Eli. I love men that look like 5th graders wearing their dad’s uniform.

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