Budding Photographer

Abby has become very interested in photography lately. It seems like every ten minutes she asks if she can “take pictures.” For some reason, we’ve been letting her play with and use this $150 “toy.” She’ll take 15 pictures within a few minutes and then we get the joy of downloading them later and seeing what nuggets she’s come up with. It’s very interesting to see what interests her and what catches her eye.

The best part was when we saw a picture that she’d taken, but she’s in it! Look at the top of this collage and you’ll see her standing in a gray shirt. We’ve never taught her about the timer button, so she obviously pushed the button and ran out in front of the camera to be in the picture.

She never ceases to amaze us. What a gal.


8 thoughts on “Budding Photographer

  1. I think the funniest thing about the picture that she took of herself is that there were several pictures before that one where you could only see part of her because she hadn’t been able to back away from the camera fast enough after pushing the button. Pretty funny girl we have!Jen

  2. Stephen’s daughter, Taylor, is truly working on becoming a professional photographer. She has taken some beautiful photos. She sends them to Allen and then he sends them along to me. I always get excited when I see them – have always wanted to be a photographer or have a child become one. GO FOR IT, ABBY!!Grandma Clark

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