This week started with Stake Conference. I participated in the Stake Choir and we sung “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” arranged by Mack Wilberg. I love singing in a large choir, but don’t necessarily enjoy singing in a small group. I like the anonymity of singing with a lot of others people.

We got hammered with the biggest storm of the year on Wednesday. It started around 3 in the afternoon and stayed horizontal for many hours. I left work at 6:15pm and got home about 8. It took me two hours to travel 10 miles. Luckily, no accidents! We easily had a foot of new snow at my house. It’s been like this all year. This picture shows the view out our back door onto our deck.

Luckily, the next day was Valentines. I didn’t go to work until 10 that morning. We started the morning with a scavenger hunt for the girls. Each had a gift hidden somewhere in the house but they had to find it first. Then Jen treated us to a good breakfast of crepes (I rarely get breakfast with the family unless it’s a weekend). Jen sent me to work with a bunch of Recee’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers bars, most of which I ate that day. Bloated Jesse boy.

Our church basketball regular season ended today. We ended up as the 2nd seed in the stake because we lost two games this year. We still get to go to region playoffs where we hope to replicate our success of two years ago when we ended 2nd in region — about 72 wards. Last year we lost in the first round, but only had 5 guys show up. Hopefully we’ll have better luck this year.

Jen went to the temple with the relief society sisters in the Stake today and I took the girls (all three!) grocery shopping. An hour and $89 later, I left the grocery store, and then headed to my in-law’s empty home. I invited a friend and his 4-year old daughter over there so we could play Guitar Hero and spend some time pulling our kids on sleds behind the 4 wheeler. We enjoyed the afternoon.

We find out tomorrow about how our stake is realigning every ward in the stake. We have one of the smallest wards in the stake, so we’re probably going to simply add more homes to our ward. That’s better than losing friends we’ve gained over the last three years. The biggest problem is that I’ve got to re-do the ward map!

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I think that I am ready for NO MORE SNOW! 🙂 Glad you were able to have fun in the snow with the girls. Good luck with basketball and hope you don’t become the biggest ward in the stake after today.

  2. You are daring. I have decided that I’m not taking the three kids with me to do any errands when this third one comes. I’m impressed that you did it. How did it go? All that snow looks deceivingly happy. With all the sun shining and it being untouched it looks so wonderful. But I would be totally depressed to get as much snow as you have gotten.

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