Clean-shaven Again

I guess I’ve learned one thing in my six years of marriage. When Jen makes multiple “subtle” hints about something, it’s not really meant to be subtle.

I started growing facial hair after I got my Master’s Degree from BYU in April. My chin and upper lip haven’t seen sunlight since then. I’ve rather enjoyed the look as it made me look a little older (which I feel is somewhat of a benefit at work and at professional conferences) and it also hid my double chin.

Jen got tired of it. After a few subtle hints, I shaved it off this morning. I’ve grown accustomed to the hairy chin look, so this will take some getting used to again. The funniest thing was that I actually felt cold air on my chin. It was noticeable when I walked in a cold room or outside; my chin had been pretty well insulated for the last 10 months.

Oh, the sacrifices we make for our women. Pretty soon she’ll be dropping subtle hints about my pear shape!



4 thoughts on “Clean-shaven Again

  1. Ah, you’re cute no matter what.I won’t let Jim have any kind of facial hair — it’s scratchy and I hate it.Mom

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