Guitar Hero!

Growing up, I never had a Playstation, Atari, Sega Genesis, Nintento, etc. We did some computer games, but I never really spent any time on those gaming systems. Guitar Hero is a fairly popular game these days, but I of course can’t play it because it requires a gaming system.

Luckily, a guy in my ward recently got Rock Band (another similar game) for Christmas and offered to lend me Guitar Hero, as well as his Playstation 2. We invited a couple over tonight and he brought his guitar from his version of the game and we went head to head for a few hours. I’m pleased to report that I held my own, but have lots of room for improvement. The funnest part was watching Abby and her friend Siena play, as well as Jen and Christine play. I was impressed with how well Jen did for her first time! We played Guitar Hero 2 and 3.


2 thoughts on “Guitar Hero!

  1. Wow, look at that hero girl. I can’t wait to hear her sing and play. Hope she stays with pop though. Right now she looks great, keep it up.Dad Clark

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