Cougar Diary

Since 2000, BYU has had LaVell Edwards, Gary Crowton, and Bronco Mendenhall as their head coach.

The Gary Crowton era is a time all of us would like to forget. His first year was great, but his first year everywhere is great. Then things start to deteriorate. Gary Crowton was a coach…a guy who pushed X’s and O’s. But that’s it. That’s fine in most places.

But BYU is unique (not in a “holier than thou we’re better than you” kind of way). The people who play football at BYU need to understand that. Gray Crowton either didn’t understand that principle himself, of he didn’t teach it very well.

Bronco Mendenhall understands this principle very well. He recruits with this in mind. And he teaches his players the role and mantle, if you will, they must endure while playing football at BYU. It isn’t just a tradition of winning football games. It’s about being a representative for the University simply because they are a part of the most visible part of a University…football.

Bronco is no Kyle Whittingham. In watching Kyle during the last few years at the University of Utah, it would seem like he would have been a slight upgrade to Gary Crowton. He’s a coach. He’s not what BYU needed or wanted. We really appreciate that Kyle didn’t take the BYU job a few years ago. We would have missed out on the Bronco Era.

Check out this video. It conveys how we view Bronco.

Go Cougars!

One thought on “Cougar Diary

  1. I would love to go to one of their firesides. I am truly thankful that we got Bronco Mendenhall as our coach. I hope he never has to second guess that stupidity that went into the initial hiring process before they got him. He has a great spirit besides being a good coach. After the Crowton/scandall era, Mendenhall is exactly what we needed. Even if our team loses games on occasion, they can hold their heads up high because their character is so much greater than we could boast a few years ago.I like the fact that they do the Haka before the games, too. That’s cool!I think we will have a dogfight on our hands on Saturday with no guarantee or guess as to its outcome, but I sure will be rooting for OUR coach versus Their coach.

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