We finally planted a few shrubs today in our side yard. This part of our yard has been a pain to upkeep. It has tons of sun, little water, and we never used it. So, why not get rid of the grass and pseudo xeriscape it?

I tilled up the yard on Monday and we planted shrubs today. Here’s what we planted:

Russian Sage (2)
Flamenco Torch Lily (2)
Moonshadow Euonymous (2)
Golden Dwarf Barberry
Dwarf Boxleaf Euonymus (2)
Spirea Assortment
Varieg. Boxleaf Euonymus (2)

We still plan to plant a deciduous tree over there, but haven’t purchased one and haven’t decided on the type. My Dad suggests a Locust. Haven’t decided yet what to do over there, but our time is quickly passing. We need to decide soon.

We will put landscape fabric and mulch down soon.


6 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. I vote for the locust tree, too. THey grow quickly and are very attractive trees.Can’t wait to see it all.Mom

  2. Locust trees are very beautiful – in someone elses lawn. We had one at our last house. I loved how it looked but it was impossible to clean up the leaves in the fall. Good luck.

  3. Luckily, we will have no grass over here, so we will not be raking up any leaves!We have a large globe willow in the backyard, so we’re actually quite accustomed to sizable raking jobs in the fall. That tree spits tons of leaves.

  4. We have to rake the leaves from our neighbors tree. All the leaves fall off onto our lawn and the tree is gigantic. It is very annoying to me. This is a stupid question but are they called Locust tress because the Locust bugs like them? We have Locust bugs all over the place here. They leave their shells behind and it freaks me out when I’m working in the garden.

  5. I want to see some pictures! I’ve been wanting to plant some shrubs too but I have NO idea about what to get. How did you decide?

  6. We did some research at the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy Gardens (both online and in person). That gave us a head start.But most the plant selection was really driven by what was on sale at Lowes…

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