I really do enjoy golf

I golfed yesterday at Riverton’s Riverbend golf course. We hit the front nine and I walked. It was probably my best golf day ever. I keep “rule-kept” scores when I golf, so I get no mulligans, wayward tee shots give me some serious heartache for my scores, and I try to count every penalty and drop as the rule books say. I do this so guage whether I’m getting any better at this blasted game.

At Riverbend, par is 36 and I ended with a 45. That score isn’t fantastic, but it’s good for me. There are two par-5 holes and, for the first time in my life, I birdied both of them. On the first, I had a 5-iron save from some thick rough that put me on the green and then I holed a 30-foot putt. On the second par-5 hole, I drove the ball about 250 and then with my three iron, drove the remaining 200 yards…to the green! I was on in two and two putted for the birdie. So, after 8 holes, I was only 6 over. Then the ninth hole came up and I hit my drive out of bounds, starting a triple-bogey hole. Not a great way to end it, but still a great round. I was happy with it.


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