I need to go back to Hawaii

Last night was just one of those nights. Abby was up at 11:51 desperately needing to go to the bathroom. Seven minutes later, Leah fell out of her bed and woke up crying. Lauren was up on and off through the night. Leah woke up again at 2:11 am crying, so I went in to console her. It worked for about 5 minutes when she started crying again. So I went in to her room for about 20 minutes before she’d let me leave again. At 2:56, she started crying again, but I ignored her and she cried herself to sleep.

Abby woke up again in the 3 o’clock hour needing to go potty again. Then Lauren was awake again. To go along with all this, I swear my dreams were just adding to the stress and not the supposed relaxation I’m supposed to get at night.

I was up around 7 and the girls were up shortly after. And the cycle starts all over again…


3 thoughts on “I need to go back to Hawaii

  1. Poor Jess and Jen. I hope they all start sleeping through the night soon. It is amazing to me how your view of life can change so quickly when you have sleep!

  2. I assume this is Jen speaking. This might explain why Jess does not get steak and eggs in the morning for breakfast.Dad Clark

  3. Actually, it was me (Jess) speaking! I do need to go back to Hawaii. So we’ve decided to go back in Sept. 2008. Time to start saving now!

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