Hawaii Day 3

We’re still having a great time on Maui. We went to church today in the Pukalani Ward. I think nearly everyone in the ward introduced themselves to us. I don’t imagine this ward gets very many visitors because it was a ways from the touristy part of the island.

We left our Makawao apartment and then visited Ho’okipa. The ocean was very active and the wind was strong. We finally saw some windsurfers and some active surf. It was a very cool sight.

We also had some fun looking at the Maui countryside. There is a lot of sugar cane here. It’s a whole different kind of crop than what I’m accustomed to. We also took a picture of the house/plantation we’re going to buy some day. What a place!

We’ve made it to our studio condo in Kahana, are unpacked, have groceries on the shelves, and are excited to enjoy this side of the island the rest of the week.


One thought on “Hawaii Day 3

  1. I am so jealous but so happy you get to go on vacation! Maybe someday Mike and I will get on a honeymoon or even on a date without the boys….It looks awesome! And Jen looks awfully little for being that far along!

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