Day 2 on Maui!

It’s Sunday morning before 7 am. We’re having difficulties sleeping in past 6 am or so because of the time differences. We were sure looking forward to sleeping in, so it’s a little frustrating. Oh well. I imagine by Friday we’ll get accustomed to the time difference just to leave and head home.

We had a lazy day yesterday. We woke up and watched the first half of the BYU game on TV (kinda sad that we have to fly to Maui to watch a BYU game on TV…) and then went down to the beach. We spent a few hours lounging around in the water and enjoying the views. We then drove down the road to a popular surfing/windsurfing spot called Ho’okipa. It was a beautiful spot that we came back to later that night with pizza for a little picnic to watch the sun go down.

I spent the afternoon working on my thesis project and made some significant headway. I got a draft sent in to my professor. It’s kinda lame having to do homework while on vacation, but not having the distraction of home and kids made it a lot easier.

We’re heading to church this morning in nearby Pukalani and then will check out of our apartment in Makawao and will head to our condo in Kahana. We’re looking forward to the rest of our week.

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